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Postcard Pack

$10.00 - $12.00

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These postcards are photographs of some of my street art installations around Portland, Oregon.

These 4”x6” postcards are perfect for sending love notes to everyone and come can STAMPED and ready to send in the US. Don't want them stamped? That's an option.

Image of Wish necklace
Sold out
Wish necklace
Image of Crying girl necklace
Crying girl necklace
Image of Street Art Project postcards
Street Art Project postcards
Image of Necklaces - the essentials collection
Necklaces - the essentials collection
Image of Necklaces - the starry collection
Necklaces - the starry collection
Image of Miscellaneous postcards
Miscellaneous postcards
Image of Resist postcards
Resist postcards
Image of Witch postcards
Witch postcards
Image of Support Local Artist Pins and stickers
Support Local Artist Pins and stickers
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