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Starry Eyed


  • Image of Starry Eyed

I love the expression “starry eyed” because I often feel starry eyed. I love drawing eyes. I love stitching stars. So this happened.

This one of a kind embroidered art measures 6” across, was hand lettered and embroidered on white linen stretched over a wooden embroidery hoop. It comes ready to hang, wrapped in brown paper, tied up with string. My hope is that it will become one of your favorite things.

This hoop took approximately two hours to stitch.

Image of Mood
Image of Lovelight
Image of Star
Sold out
Image of Heart hands
Sold out
Heart hands
Image of Future Uncertain
Future Uncertain
Image of I Love You
On sale
I Love You
Image of I believe in myself
I believe in myself
Image of Catch a falling star
Catch a falling star
Image of Pinky Swear
Pinky Swear
Image of Heart hands embroidered hoop art
Heart hands embroidered hoop art
Image of Custom Embroidered Hoop Art
Custom Embroidered Hoop Art
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